Welcome to Codescaling

Hello, and welcome to Codescaling. These are very early days for the big idea, but what we hope to create is a site of interest to coders at all scales, from the smallest embedded systems, the handiest of mobile devices, the still default desktops, the essential servers and the accumulating clouds. Why such a wide coverage? Well, consider how computing has covered all these different scales of system, yet they are often treated as silos of knowledge but at the same time are becoming increasingly interdependent – The mobile phone that relies on servers and clouds, the clouds that use arrays of embedded sensors to build big data, the desktops where the code typically crafted for these applications. So for the rounded coder a handle on all the goings on should be useful, and thats what Codescaling.com hopes to offer.

Who is the we? At the moment, it’s just me, Dj Walker-Morgan, aka @codepope, former editor in chief of The H, and before that a developer of code for twenty five years earning a living doing X when it was new, Unix when it was balkanised, 6502 when it was in the PET, Java when they said it’d never fly, Python when it was the “cute thing with whitespace” and many others.

So, pop this site in your RSS feed or come back and visit as we … scale up.