Snippets: PyPy.js, reBlink, Patch Tuesday


  • PyPy.js: Have you considered a Python JIT compiler in the browser? Ryan Kelly, a Mozilla developer, has and is porting PyPy, the Python JIT, to the browser using Emscripten and getting the JIT compiler to emit asm.js code. Asm.js is a subset of Javascript which has a specialised optimiser. It’s early days for PyPy.js, but first benchmarking of the proof of concept does show how much impact the Asm.js optimisations have on performance bringing the code to half the speed of the C based JIT.
  • Blink Now: Missing the <blink> tag already after Firefox 23 removed it? Brad Gessler has the answer with his “cooler native HTML tags” like shudder, correction fluid, outline, blur, blurrier, smear, rumble and shudder and even sparkle.
  • Patching: Remember, next Tuesday is your monthly patch day for Microsoft – The advance notification has 3 critical and 5 important holes to be patched in Windows, Internet Explorer, Windows and Windows Server.