Snippets: Tails, Vim 7.4 and Wi-Fi SD hacking


  • Not Telling Tails: If you need to cover your tracks on the internet and locally, then Tails (The Amnesiac Incognito Live System) will help as its a Debian GNU/Linux distribution with built in Tor support and other privacy tools which doesn’t even leave local logs. Latest version is 0.20 and details can be found in the Tails 0.2.0 announcement.
  • Vim scrubs up: Vim 7.4 was released last week. Highlights are a new, faster regexp engine, a thousand fixes and small improvements according to the announcement on the developer mailing list which also contains links to the various versions and a reminder to contribute to the ICCF Holland to help children in South Uganda if you like Vim.
  • Wi-Fi SD Hacked : Want to ding into a Wi-Fi SD Card? This blog posting shows how to get into the embedded Linux system on the card all the way to a remote shell. There’s a lot you can pack into an SD card.