Riak CS 1.4 plugs into OpenStack

riak-cs-logo2Basho have announced that the freshly available Riak CS 1.4’s highlight feature is better OpenStack integration. If you’ve heard of Riak but not Riak CS, CS stands for cloud storage and it basically builds on top of Riak’s capabilities to offer a highly available storage system with an S3 compatible API. Great if you want to get into the storage business or replace AWS S3 with your own systems.

With the latest release, you can now point Riak CS at the OpenStack Keystone authentication service where it can validate users and roles. The support  for OpenStack, tagged as preliminary in the release notes, also includes an support for the Swift API so Riak CS can take the place of OpenStack Swift storage.

There’s also some performance improvements that exploit changes made in Riak 1.4. Riak CS was open sourced earlier this year under an Apache 2 licence.  Source code is available on Github, binaries and documentation on the Riak website.