Snippets: Firefox tools, Ping’o’death and Cloud Fuel


  • Firefox sharpens tools: Mozilla just detailed the new developer features for Firefox 25, just going into alpha/aurora. The ability to “black box” common libraries so that they are no longer in the stack trace, an option to edit and resend network requests in the network monitor, CSS autocompletion in the inspector (hussah!), in-frame Javascript execution and profile data import and export. Set your timers, in 12 weeks these will be in stable Firefox.
  • Retro-vulnerabilities: Remember to do your Windows updates, because one cracker in the latest Patch Tuesday is a modern version of an old classic, the Ping of Death. MS13-065 notes pretty much all versions of Windows are affected by a denial of service when hit by an specially crafted ICMPv6 packet. Some folks are suggesting disabling IPv6  if not in use to reduce exposure to this find of flaw. Details of three critical fixes and other patches are in the Microsoft monthly advisory.
  • Cloud Fuel: Mirantis just updated their Fuel deployment tool for OpenStack. Fuel 3.1 now has both its web based UI and command line tools in the one package, works with Red Hat’s OpenStack Platform and is able to run a health check on deployments. The Red Hat support was expected, what with Red Hat investing in Mirantis.