Snippets: Mavibot, Brackets and Tessel


  • Mavibot: A new project to create a replacement for JDBM in the Apache Directory Server, Mavibot, just released the first milestone code for its MVCC BTree implementation. They aim to offer a faster alternative with concurrent reads and writes, transactions, bulk loads, multi-version support and in-memory BTree.
  • Brackets: Adobe’s web-centric open source editor Brackets is now available to preview on Linux. The editor depends on the Chromium Embedded Framework and has required work to make that deliverable on Ubuntu and Debian. Well, thats done now and preview builds – albeit missing live preview highlights, file rename and delete and extension management – are now shipping. The developers are looking for Linux/C++ hands to help round out the development.
  • Tessel.js: Latest in the “tiny boards that can” is Tessel, an 180MHz Cortex-M3 device with 32MB of RAM and 32MB of Flash, Wi-Fi, 16 pins of GPIO and running off micro-USB or battery power. It’s claim to fame is it’s programmed using JavaScript; we assume a fairly close to the hardware interpreter with minimal OS as it also supports “1000’s of Node.js modules from NPM”. There’s Tessel modules to extend it and it can be connected to Arduino shields too. No price or dates yet but one to keep an eye on as they say they are launching soon.