Snippets: QEMU 1.6.0, and Evil.h


  • QEMU 1.6.0: The machine emulator and virtualiser, QEMU, has been updated. More live migration support and options, more ARM instructions supported, PowerPC Mac OS X guest support are among the highlights. Full details in the change log.
  • Listening to Github: is a realtime event monitor for Github which converts the events into an ambient soundscape to give developers a different way of interacting with the flow of change. There’s a preview of the system with the public GitHub events too. Early days say the developers and it’s invite by request at the moment but if you want to bloop bloop tinkle sorry, someone’s just pushed a change, must go….
  • evil.h: In just one gist a small group of twittering developers has assembled a range of evil pre-processor directives which can be slipped into a project to break it. From replacing all “if” statements with “while” to lightly tweaking the semantics of strcpy. Codescaling’s inner evil doer applauds them.