Snippets: MongoDB’s Hives, Pure CSS and Inside Andy

Snippets.pngMongoDB gets Hive: 10Gen have announced that the MongoDB connector for Hadoop has been updated so it now can work with the SQL-like queries of Hive over MongoDB data sets. There’s also support for MongoDB’s BSON (Binary JSON…yes well…) on Hadoop’s Distributed File System and incremental MapReduce jobs. There’s an hour long video on the connector’s features which covers the new stuff what’s in the pipeline.

Pure Small CSS: The Yahoo UI folks have a project called Pure, which sets out to give you small (4.3K compressed and minified), 100% CSS modules of useful components extracted away from the YUI JavaScript. Most recent update was version 0.2.1 in July but of note is the plan for Pure to go mobule first (like Bootstrap 3) in version 0.3.0.

Andy’s Insides: If you liked the classic T-shirt Exploded Andy you may well contemplate its sequel Andy Inside though the shipping to the UK adds $13 and puts the entire thing into the customs charges zone (Curses! And if anyone asks, I’m a 3X kinda guy).