Snippets: NGINX, Dart Editor, Raspberry IO

Snippets.pngNGINX Plus Support: NGINX Inc, the company that is commercialising the open source NGINX web and proxy server, has just rolled out their new commercial offering, a fully supported version of NGINX with services and added features for enterprise use, under the name NGINX Plus. One year subscription for one server starts at $1350 and adds health checks, dynamic config, monitoring, HA, enhanced load balancing and adaptive media streaming to NGINX’s open source foundation.

Dart Sharpens Editor: The editor for Google’s Dart web app language has just been enhanced according to a Google+ posting with the ability to inspect classes in running apps and a new object inspector to go with that capability. Find the new build on the Dart Editor page.

Raspberry IO Opened: Back in March, PyCon 2013 attendees got a Raspberry Pi each to get them plugging Python into the Pi. At the same time the Python Software Foundation got Caktus to create Raspberry IO as a site to gather Pi and Python projects and resources. Now, Caktus have now open sourced the web site’s own code allowing the community to help maintain it or letting others create their own sites. You can find the Django based code on Python’s GitHub.