2D Unity, Brick at Mozilla and JavaScript gone tiny – Snippets


  • Unity gets Native 2D: The Unity 3D game framework and tools is getting native 2D support. 2D’s been hackable from the framework in the past by fixing the camera and arranging things so it all looks 2D-ish. But now, the company has announced actual 2D support with autoslicing sprites and an integrated 2D physics engine in Unity 4.3 which has just gone into beta.
  • Mozilla’s Brick: Mozilla has put Brick, a collection of reusable UI components which can be introduced into web pages using custom HTML tags, into beta. While the W3C Web Components is some way from getting implemented across browsers, Brick uses X-Tag to get that functionality acrss browsers now in a technique called polyfill. Brick currently has an appbar, calendar, datepicker, deck, flipbox, iconbutton, layout, slidebox, slider, tabbar, toggle and togglegroup and tooltip available.
  • JavaScript Microcontrol: Espruino is a kick-starter for a project thats making an open source JavaScript-running microcontroller. The board for Espruino is mostly prototyping surface ready for soldering and underneath, is a STM32 72MHz ARM M3, 256KB of Flash and 48KB of RAM. Yet another interesting device to come if they get their funding (they are a third of the way to £20K and 28 days to go).