Qt Blinks, OJ codes and Pi (ad)blocks – Snippets


  • Qt goes with Chromium: The Qt toolkit has used a Qt port of WebKit for some time now to provide web content rendering. With Google forking WebKit to create Blink, Digia has been looking at what fork to follow and has now decided to go with Chromium and Blink. This means the QtWebKit development will be frozen after Qt 5.2 and the new QtWebEngine which will replace it is short some APIs (QWebElement and QObject embedding). Digia say there’ll be lots of benefits and the choice is a long term decision.
  • Object JavaScript: An interesting bit of web technology is OJ which uses JavaScript objects to create web pages by mapping them to HTML and CSS and other JavaScript. It has a whole load of components and plugins and is published under the MIT licence. Worth a curious look, especially at the tutorial.
  • Pi Adstopper: One of the latest additions to Adafruit’s ‘learning system’ of tutorials is a guide to making a Raspberry Pi-based Ad Blocking Wi-Fi Access Point which includes details on setting up DHCP, DNS, the ad IP address blacklist and setting up a “pixel-server” to return a pixel (rather than a 404 which penalises performance) for blocked content.