Feedly API, RenderScript for all, JavaScript database, Node.js openness – Snippets


  • Feedly API opens: Feedly, one of the web-based RSS aggregator replacements that stepped in when Google dropped the Reader ball, has announced its opening up its feedly Cloud API to all. And its quite an extensive API with realtime hubs, read-tracking, personalisation graphs and more. An existing app ecosystem may be about to get a lot bigger and diverse.
  • RenderScript for all: Google has been adding feature to Android’s RenderScript computation framework over the recent releases and says it has been being asked for those features to be evenly available in older versions of Android. Now, a new RenderScript Support Library and updated SDK is available that makes that possible. If you wonder what RenderScript is used for, one example is the Google+ Android app where it helps power the photo editor with C99 based computational effects. The idea with RenderScript is its quicker and cleaner to use than going the full NDK for performance.
  • JavaScript indexed: Looking for a particular JavaScript library or wanting to browse through whats available? Check out JSDB.IO, which indexes, rates and links to nearly 500 JavaScript libraries. A nice idea, cleanly executed.
  • Node.js openness: In a guest post in VentureBeat, Ben Wen, VP of product at Joyent, home of Node.js, goes on the record talking about how Joyent and Node.js interact and how they are avoiding the anti-patterns that many open source projects with corporate backers fall into. It’s also a plug for SmartOS the open source OS they have been developing.