Ruby 2.10 preview, Play 2.2, FreeBSD 10 alphas and Booting to Zork – Snippets


  • Let’s Play 2.2: The Play framework for Java and Scale’s version 2.2.0 was announced on Friday with an improved API for asynchronous promises in Java, better packaging options, a simpler HTTP Result class as part of a new simpler results architecture and more buffering and keep-alive control. Further details in the What’s new in 2.2 highlights
  • FreeBSD 10 shapes up: FreeBSD 10 has just seen its first two alpha releases and FreeBSD news has a round up of what’s coming in 10.0. As widely reported, LLVM/Clang takes over on compiler duties, but also there’s pkgng, a new package management tool, a tickless kernel, support for RDRAND, initial KMS support in the stack, ZFS TRIM and LZ4 compression, a new BSD hypervisor and more. Oh yes, and improved ARM support including an official Raspberry Pi port.
  • Boot to Zork: Matthew Garrett, the man who appears to know far more about UEFI than any mortal should, apparently found himself porting Zork to UEFI Boot, and more specifically the Frotz Z-machine interpreters, which in turn sheds more light on the capabilities and limitations of UEFI.