PC-BSD 9.2, Percona Server 5.6 and Perl 11? – Snippets


  • PC-BSD 9.2 arrives: Like your BSD with the sharp bits filed off for ease of use? PC-BSD is a user-friendly version of FreeBSD built for the desktop, but, as the newly released PC-BSD 9.2 shows, that doesn’t mean you get to miss out on features. For example, the FreeBSD 9.2 based PC-BSD 9.2 comes with bootable ZFS environments, so you can create a boot environment and select it from GRUB2. There’s also a Boot Manager GUI so you don’t need to fiddle with the command line for boot changes, an installer which can restore from a ZFS replicated backup and updated Life-Preserver utility for creating ZFS snapshots. The developers have also migrated all their sourced to GitHub, updated Warden (their utility for managing BSD jails) and switched to a new CDN for ISO images and packages. The bad news? That CDN seems to be rather slow to say the least when it comes to downloading the ISO image, so practice patience.
  • Percona percolate fresh MySQL server: Percona, the other other company that builds a MySQL based server, has announced Percona Server 5.6.13-61.0, the first GA release of a MySQL 5.6 based Percona Server with all the improvements of 5.6’s community edition, but with the slots for plugins filled. That means that there’s a thread pool for performance, clustering for HA, a PAM plugin for authentication and all on top of an XtraDB storage engine – the kind of things Oracle would ask you to buy as part of their MySQL Enterprise offering. You can download the newly released edition from Percona.
  • Perl 11?: A curio on the radar is the appearance of a site called perl11.org. There’s little detail on who is behind it but it says it is a project to modernise Perl 5 at the runtime level by giving it a pluggable virtual machine, AST and compiler. Will it happen? Who knows, but there’s some interesting links in there especially to the amusing if slightly sweary Stevan’s Little Announcement for moe.