GNU Make 4.0, Firefox OS 1.1, SSL Pulse and Linux defined – Snippets


  • GNU Make 4.0: GNU Make 4.0 is the latest version of the GNU Project’s version of the Make utility. The release’s headline feature is the integration of GNU Guile, the Scheme-based extention language recommended for GNU projects, into the compilation orchestrator. Other additions include an option to sync output to avoid jumbling results from parallel makes, tracing of targets, a switch to disable all debugging settings, various enhancements to the Windows version, the implementation of “::=” for POSIX portable make files and of “!=” for compatibility with BSD make files and the ability to write to a file directly. The announcement has details of where to download it and further information on the changes.
  • Firefox OS 1.1 on its way: The first proper update for Firefox OS, version 1.1 is heading to handsets soon. With MMS support, an API for Push Notifications, better app searching, enhanced contacts, faster app loading and scrolling (and it needs it), downloading of images and audio or video in the browser, autocorrect for the keyboard, a draft mode and attachment support for the email app and a lightly improved calendar app, there’s a lot of decent catching up with the rest of the pack. Mozilla say this will come with the second wave of Firefox OS phones, and appear for existing Firefox OS phones at the same time. We’ll be reporting on the update when it arrives on our ZTE Open.
  • Watching SSL: Wondering how widespread Forward Secrecy and RC4 are with SSL/HTTPS web sites? Wonder no more as the SSL Pulse report now tracks them too. Ivan Ristic explains whats being tracked in this blog post and how the results currently stack up.
  • Predefining Linux: An informative and interesing Stack Overflow moment as one person finds “linux” is defined as “1” and opens the door of the world of pre-defined symbols and other mystery meats that can be found in the larder of C compilers.