Python 3.4 to get the Pip by default

python-logo-master-v3-TMNews arrives here that PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal) 453 has been accepted. PEP 453, titled “Explicit bootstrapping of pip in Python installations”, sets out to sort out one of the long standing problems in the Python ecosystem – not having a common modern packaging system for Python packages.

Pip has become popular with Python users but for new users things have been somewhat odd. You need to use the old default installer application easy_install to install pip and then we’re ready to install packages. A lot of thought has gone into how to make the default nature of pip simple and not break older processes; lots of details in the PEP which is probably a must read for Python porters. We should see the new pip setup appearing in Python 3.4.0, which just went through alpha 4, as it enters beta and heads towards release.