Beta for Fedora 20, Scientific Linux 5.1 and is Tizen nearing? – Linux Snippets


  • Fedora 20 enters Beta: Fedora 20 has entered beta so its time to step up that testing as there’s lots of goodies in “Heisenbug”. Top items include ARM as a primary architecture, the end of sendmail and syslog as defaults, fresh tools and more. Thats all in the announcement along with pointers on where to go for your downloads and further information on the GNOME 3.10 powered Fedora 20 beta.
  • Scientific Linux 5.10: Tracking the updates of Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux, as it is built from the sources of that distribution, the Scientific Linux developers have released SL 5.10. This follows Red Hat’s release at the start of October of RHEL 5.10. Similar provisos apply to the update regarding MySQL 5.0/5.1, namely that you’ll need to update to MySQL 5.5 which is also included as the support clock has run out on the older versions. For a more up to date release, remember SL are also following Red Hat’s RHEL 6 with their SL 6.4 released earlier this year.
  • Tizen Nearing?: It seems that Samsung have already released a Tizen powered device to consumers, the NX300M camera, which runs “Tizen Camera Platform”. Sammyhub had the details. Samsung are pitching Q1 2014 for Tizen 2.2.1-based smart phones and a multi-user, 64-bit, 3D UI Tizen 3.0 for Q3. But will the Linux based Tizen past muster outside the gates of Samsung Towers – 2014 looks like the year we find out.