Memory and Rust, Byte memories, Self awareness and Ghost moving – Snippets


  • Rust memory explained: Nikolas Matsakis’s talk from on the Rust language and memory offers some insight on the motivations of the Rust developers and how the Rust’s idea of ownership and borrowing balances up the worlds of malloced and garbage collected memory.

  • Classic Byte: has preserved copies of many magazines including this influential edition of Byte from 1981 which introduced the world to Smalltalk 80 and the worlds of object orientation. Read the articles, then look at the advertising to put the whole thing into context. Then have a look at the Circuit Cellar section where you can see how to build a Z8 based tiny Basic computer.

  • Self aware: Talking of Smalltalk 80, there was a language and environment derived from it called Self. That’s still being developed and maintained and version 4.5 was recently released for Linux and OS X. You’ll want to read the Self Handbook if you want to venture on.

  • Ghost progresses: Worth keeping an eye one, the Ghost blogging platform has jsut been updated to version 0.4, now with static pages, SSL support, new loading bars and featured posts. Ghost was Kickstarted last year, is open source (MIT license), built around Node.js and Express and lets you blog using Markdown.