LibreOffice and Mercurial update while Firefox steps back – Snippets


LibreOffice 4.2: The LibreOffice folks have rolled out their latest release, LibreOffice version 4.2 which includes a decent selection of new features, with the headliners being improved OOXML roundtripping, a GPU/OpenCL utilising Calc engine, enhancements to Windows installation and management and better Windows 7/8 integration, an expert configuration window and a more optimal start screen. Download from the usual place.

Mercurial shines: The other other distributed version control system (DVCS), Mercurial, has just has an update to version 2.9. The update adds infinite scroll to the web interface, hardens up the rebasing process, adds support for git delta hunks and various other fixes and enhancements. Mercurial’s a great DVCS but lacks a mind-share-winning “GitHub” equivalent which has helped push git to the fore. Despite that git-mind-share, Mercurial is the DVCS used by Mozilla and Facebook among others.

Mozilla backtracks Sync: One of the interesting features of Mozilla’s sync service for the Firefox browser was it didn’t need username/password combos, instead going for a pairing approach to use the services. Clever, but… it appears Mozilla are pulling that idea out of service as it tests a new Firefox Accounts strategy which it hopes to harden up with multi-factor authentication and more over time. Which shows, if anything, that users will define, by erosion, your security’s shape, no matter how neat your solution is. The changes are in test now so within a couple of months should be landing in your stable browser.