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Systemd – the d is for dominates: The Debian Technical Committee decided that, after quite a bumpy process, that it would follow Fedora, Arch Linux, Mageia and openSUSE in planning to switch to systemd in the next release. The Debian change rippled down to Ubuntu where, probably sooner than anyone anticipated, Mark Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu would switch too.

Upstart, Canonical’s own init, will continue to be supported, especially as the forthcoming 14.04 LTS edition will ship with it. The Debian systemd decision was also applauded by Scott James Remnant, creator of Upstart. Systemd seems to be worthy of its elevation though I fully expect forks of distros to “maintain SysV init purity” while other noise to at least begins to die down.

Debian 6.0.9: As is their way, the Debian crew also released Debian 6.0.9, the latest roll up of all the bug and security fixes that have already gone into Debian systems. If you install Debian a lot, you may want to update your install media, but old Debian media will update to this version anyway.

Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS: Meanwhile, the most recent LTS edition of Ubuntu has had an update release too. With Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS, there’s a fresher kernel and X stack. If you are a regular installer, you’ll want to update your install media for this, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu or Ubuntu Studio, all of which were updated at the same time. Remember to check the release notes and then download.

Git updated: The Git source code management system was updated. Git 1.9.0 has a number of changes in preparation from Git 2.0.0, improvements in HTTP transport, support from fetching from shallowly-cloned repositories, defaults for the lv pager, improved performance and a shed load of fixes. Expect the latest release to turn up in your package repository or download from

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