Making Catchup: BeagleBone GSM Basestation, Pi ScreenKeyboards, Tiny Clocks, Wifi Steals

makingcatchupWant to be your own GSM Base Station? This article will show you one way, though before you get too excited you’ll need a Ettus USRP B200 which starts at £495, or some other RTLSDR rig. This isn’t a cheap venture but the article steps through bringing the BBB together with the base station and adding the call handling and routing through OpenBTS.

At the other end of the scale, Hackaday pointed to this tiny bubble clock project which uses the old-school LEDs which have recently reappeared on the market and a MSP430 microcontroller to create a perfboard based clock. Very nice and very future retro.

You can get tiny touch screens for your Raspberry Pi and with the appropriate drivers boot your Pi using the screen. But then you have to schlep out the big old keyboard and it just looks silly again. Adafruit pointed out Matchbox a mini display keyboard for the Pi built for just this situation and a tutorial on how to configure it. You wouldn’t want to live with it, but it could save the day when you need to configure a Wifi connection or fix a random flaw.

And back at Hackaday there’s some actual hacking ongoing, namely stealing someones Wifi credentials by… hacking their LED WiFi connected lightbulbs. Or at least how you used to be able to do it since the vendors bulbs have now been fixed. But its a chance the scratch your chin and ponder at the number of ways the super-connected-thing future is going to open up even more attack surfaces for bad actors.