Padded post – Etherpad 1.5, Hack the Hackpad

Logo_EtherpadCollaborative editors are one of the mainstays of remote working… and they tend to have pad in the name. Just updated is Etherpad, in the form of Etherpad 1.5. This is a mostly bug fix and performance release but heck, it’s already packed full of goodies. Latest tricks include being able to HTTP POST files via curl into an Etherpad (handy if you are automating a documentation process) and a fast switching plugin. You host your own Etherpads and it’s all open source for you to adapt to your will – the team behind it are always looking for donations and paying work so….

If you prefer hosted collaboration, then Hackpad is one of the best known pads in the business. Purchased last year by Dropbox, it’s still relatively independent, just with better Dropbox integration. But we’re mentioning it here so Hack-the-Hackpad makes more sense. It lets you turn hackpad pads into a collaborative blog editor and takes care of rendering them online.

First person to go “Hey, if Etherpad and Hack-the-Hackpad were mixed we’d have fully open source collaborative blogging” wins themselves a project.