Raspberry Pi2 – Already?

Pi2ModB1GB_-compIt seems like less than a year ago when Eben Upton told Ars Technica that the Raspberry Pi Foundation was “a year or two away from thinking about” building new hardware. In less than a year, we’ve had the Model B+, the Model A+ and now, as a “Well-actually-we’ve-been-thinking-about-it-lots”, here’s the Raspberry Pi 2.

The good? It’s a quad core 900Mhz A7 ARM chip, it’s got 1GB of RAM and it looks just like a Raspberry Pi B+. The better? It sells for £30, same price point as the B+. The neat? The upgrade to A7 means that more ARM software runs on it… Ubuntu Snappy Core is available and, run for the hills, Windows 10 for Devices is coming.

The not so good? Well, it’s not good news for anyone who just bought a B+. Ta-da launches and an air of mystery don’t really sit well with a charity, which is what the Pi Foundation is. It doesn’t help educators make best use of their funds in their planning.

But anyway, it’s a new Raspberry Pi and its definately an improvement. I’ve gone and ordered a bunch myself so I’ll be reporting back as soon as possible on how it feels.