Elsewhere: NewsBits on Java 11

As is my way, I’ve been writing elsewhere for a living among other things and here’s the latest NewsBits I gathered up….

  • Java11 arrives with long term support and warnings.
  • Refactoring .then() added to Microsoft’s TypeScript.
  • Ready for PostgreSQL11, PostGIS 2.5.0 released.
  • Your own database Arnie: pg_terminator kills PostgreSQLconnections.
  • Make SQLprettier with sqlfmt.
  • Read about CrimsonDB‘s adaptive key/values.
  • Kubernetesgets a TLS bootstraping update.
  • And Finally… How to scan a Rocket.

Interested? Read the bits in full on https://www.compose.com/articles/java-11-arrives-newsbits-at-compose/