Scientific Linux, Bootstrap and all your base methods belong to Base – Snippets


Scientific Linux 6.5: Scientific Linux has announced an update to version 6.5. SL, as it is also known, is a Linux distro based on the sources distributed by Red Hat for their Red Hat Enterprise Linux produced at Fermilab and CERN. With CentOS being brought closer into Red Hat’s ecosystem, SL may be the new barometer for the health of the Red Hat code outside the company. Anyway, the release notes mostly point you to a copy of the “Upstream Vendors” version 6.5 notes, though they aren’t on the SL servers yet. (The original notes are here).

Bootstrap 3.1: Bootstrap, the responsive mobile-first framework which also makes it easier to get a site or web application up and running, has celebrated the release of version 3.1. It comes with new documentation, an official SASS port (in a separate package), new examples and everything now under an MIT licence.

All your base methods belong to Base: It’s a sick and twisted world out there and Base is my kind of sick and twisted: there’s lots of great Ruby base classes so Base.rb includes all their methods. The best part is the license – “Distributed under the union of the terms specified by all current OSI-approved licenses. In the event of a conflict, a die is to be rolled.”